A Thanks to David Archuleta from Merrick Christensen

From Merrick Christensens’s Blog, writer of “Angels in the Alleyway” and “The Most Beautiful Part About this Is”

June 5, 2010.

The Story

A few years ago I was blessed to record two songs that I had written with David Archuleta. The first Angels in The Alleyway was primarily written about my struggles with the mental illness I’ve dealt with for several years. The fear I think we all feel that we’ve lost our mind, are somehow different, and have let everyone including ourselves and God down. The end of the song attempts to portray the hope & salvation I know and feel when I turn to God. His supporting me, and my realizing it.

The second, The Most Beautiful Part About This Is… was written for an uncle of mine who was diagnosed with terminal illness at a relatively young age. The song is about the faith and inspiration I felt and witnessed from him, and his entire family. I am still amazed every time I think about them. David was kind enough to record these songs with me. This song, in particular, has been a huge strength to my family, or at least I like to think so.

A huge thanks…

I can’t thank David enough for the incredible impact his recording these songs have had in my life and my family’s. He is truly a gifted man and everything you perceive about him, you know that wholesome, good, humble person; in my opinion and experience is entirely true. I can’t think of a better person to have the success that David has since American Idol, I have never even heard of someone handling such fame and growth with such grace and humility; especially at such a young age. I can’t give David enough props for that and all the other things I’ve been able to see. I hope this post isn’t perceived as a plug for the songs I’ve done with him, as you can see that aren’t linked anywhere on this site. This is just me sincerely expressing my gratitude.

4 thoughts on “A Thanks to David Archuleta from Merrick Christensen

  1. I really appreciated reading your article. What you said about David is how I feel about him without meeting him. I have seen him in concert in San Diego. Best concert I have ever seen. I experienced a singer singing from his heart and soul. Such a talent, A good wonderful young man with a huge future, for a long time ahead of him.


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