What David Archuleta Had to Eat in Singapore; Katie Moore and Pee Wee missing David

Kari shares some exclusive pix of David while he was in Singapore in Nov. 2010.

Here are a few pictures from just 2 years ago today while David was in Singapore doing some promo. (KS)

A few more pix from 2 years ago in Singapore. Long day of interviews, autograph signings, surprise school visit, sightseeing and you know D had to eat! (KS)

According to Larissa ‏@LtravelsDsworld, the dish David had is Singapore chilli crab- a famous Singaporean national dish. Crab in spicy chilli, egg and tomato gravy. Very yummy!

* * * * *

From @K_80 (aka Katie Moore, who designed David’s BEGIN. album cover):

I miss this baby angel.

* * * * *

Via @PeeWeeMusic (it seems that Pee Wee miss David, too):

With @davidarchie @rtorano (PeeWee’s manager) and David’s mom


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