David and His Mom; DA Christmas Tree; A Thousand Miles; Radio promo single of HYAMLC

MKOC 2011- cr. Shelley

Credit: Shell_eeeyyy

* * * * *

This is David and his mom at the event “National Hispanic Foundation Arts Gala”, in Washington, DC, Sep. 9, 2011.

David Archuleta & mom - Noche De Gala, Washington, DC 09-13-11

This is when David invited his mom, Lupe, on stage and duet with him her favorite song off his debut album- “To Be With You”:

* * * * *

Radio promo single of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, found on eBay by @muldur:

Radio promo single of HYAMLC

* * * * *

David Archuleta’s Christmas tree decorated by @Shell_eeeyyy:

* * * * *

One of my favorites of “A Thousand Miles”, in which David “deftly handles a marriage proposal, sings “Getting to Know You”, fights and wins a battle with the piano and the pedal, and recovers to crush the hearts of everyone in the room,” quoted 8throwcenter.

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