David Archuleta’s Christmas Devotional in Chile

David performed at a big outdoor Christmas devotional at a temple square in Santiago, Chile, on the Saturday night, 8 Dec. 2012! David also sang the Prayer duet  with Sister Rebecca López. The show was streamed on http://lds.org by LDS Church of Santiago Chile, and apparently, so sadly I missed it :( I still can’t believe that I missed the live stream huhu

Photos credit: @FashionPoliceCh (her little chat about David’s live show in Spanish HERE)

David’s voice is deepened!! Such a beautiful performance!! Tears!

David did The Prayer (in Italian) duet with Rebecca Lopez, a talented singer, who’s also from Utah! This is some information of Rebecca I found from LDS Music:

A gifted bi-lingual vocalist, Rebecca is a featured soloist for BYU’s internationally acclaimed Living Legends performing group. As a member of Living Legends she has entertained audiences throughout the U.S. and around the world. Rebecca shares an American and Mexican heritage, she was born in Mexico City and lived in Mexico and Texas before moving to Utah. Growing up she was privileged to enjoy both cultures and stays in touch with members of her family living in Mexico. Music has always been a part of Rebecca’s life and as a music media major at BYU she is pursuing it as her life’s work. Rebecca is a featured vocalist on the Spanish Songs for Young Women, Believe In Him: Inspiring Music for Youth and Spanish CD’s for Janice Kapp Perry. Her debut solo CD, When You Believe, was released Spring of 2006.

The Prayer (in Italian) duet with Rebecca Lopez:

Noche de Luz (Silent Night) duet with Lorena Reyes:

Concierto Navideño (O Holy Night):

Los Pastores a Belén:

Vids credit: JavieraNicol, ninoska valdes, Blas Avilés, EstacionComun.

Click HERE to download mp3, mp4 of Chilean little concert. Thanks, Abbra.

The Prayer mp3mp4

Noche de Luz (Silent Night) mp3 mp4

Concierto Navidad (O Holy Night) mp3 mp4

Los Pastores a Belén mp3 mp4

One thought on “David Archuleta’s Christmas Devotional in Chile

  1. Hi, david archuleta vietnam. I think the link for downloading mp3 and mp4 is broken. Btw thanks for sharing ;). It means a lot because I missed the live streaming too :(


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