HD videos and screencaps from David Archuleta’s Christmas Devotional 12/8/2012


p style=”text-align:center;”>Elder Archuleta at Concierto De Navidad 2012 - Christmas Devotional  collage by CherryA beautiful collage of a beautiful soul, David Archuleta – created by @cherry08mariano

Thanks to @Pabuckie and @HeyImMonse for the screencaps

REBECA LÓPEZ – LORENA REYES – ELDER ARCHULETA – Concierto de Navidad 2012 (credit: Alejandro Angulo)

The Prayer (credit: Alejandro Angulo)

O Holy Night (in Spanish) (credit: Alejandro Angulo)

The Prayer (credit: Claudia Pineda):

O Holy Night (in Spanish) (credit: EstacionComun):

O Holy Night (in Spanish) (credit: Claudia Pineda):

Los Pastores a Belén (credit: Claudia Pineda):

Click  HERE for mp3 and mp4 of this mini Christmas concert thanks to Abrra. (if the link doesn’t work at the first place, then click the second time, it’ll work)


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