A moment of zen; the look that cracks you up; veins in David’s hands, and more

IME presscon, HCM, 7-2011-cr. Larissa

David checks out local buzz about him and that watch again! Asia Tour, HCM, July 2011

SVIP M&G, Asia Tour, Hanoi, July 2011- cr. LarissaDavid’s look when a fan from HK told him he should eat the snack she gave him (in the bag) before its expiry date – Hanoi, 7-2011

David Archuleta M&G, Kuala Lumpur, July 2011- cr. Larissa

David and his fans at private M&G, KL, July 2011

David Archuleta at signing session - DALIM3, July 2011

David just before the signing madness in Manila, 7-2011.

MKOC tour, Irving, Dec 2011-cr. Larissa

David’s hand – another symbol of his vocal prowess

All pix credit Larissa @LtravelsDsworld.


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