About us

Our fan-site David Archuleta Vietnam (DAVN) officially joined the Archu-world on 28 November, 2008. DAVN has 6 official authors now.

You can contact us at davidarchuletavn@gmail.com

Our youtube channel  HERE.

David's wonderful note to Vietnamese Archies


Below is some of our outstanding activities since DAVN’s foundation:

* TOSOD celebration:

Thanks to the sponsorship and donation of nice and generous U.S. Archies- Joy, Trish, Kimak, and Winnie Sin, with the David Archuleta Funds we had, we were able to purchase 18 Fan Edition packs of The Other Side of Down, 25 regular CDs, 2 Deluxe CDs, and 2 signed Deluxe CDs.

Thanks to our sponsors and gifters, and  David as well, we had a great TOSOD celebration.

The TOSOD celebration art credit to talented, cool and the only  one Zaren from Singapore.

* Vietnamese Archies bought 18 copies of Chords of Strength and this is some pictures of us celebrating and partying (tks, Knorr, for making the collage):

Lovely Trish handed David the above CoS collage and David is so nice to write  a wonderful note to Vietnamese Archies (thank you so much, David):

* A collage of Vietnamese donors to Rising Star Outreach:

Read the story  HERE, and  HERE.

David knows about us now- Yahoo!!! Thank you so much, Laurie, and Larissa for having David holding the AFAC collage and making our dream come true.

Vietnamese Archies donated US$160  for RSO

in honor of David Archuleta

The collage credited to Zaren from Singapore. Thanks, Zaren.

* This is a collage of Vietnamese AA donors to Invisible Children, one of many charities and causes David lends his name to (tks, Ray, for making the collage):

Many thanks to Joy who helped us a lot with our charity works. Without Joy, we couldn’t do anything to support David.


Letter from administrator- Huong from Hanoi:


Hi Archies, Arch Angels and every one,

Welcome you all to my fan-site for David Archuleta, my only and forever idol.

My name is Hương. I am not a teen any more, but I must confess that I am having a bad case of Super Obsession David Archuleta Disorder (SODAD). Yup, it’s true, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. LOL And I am so proud of it.

I am Vietnamese and living in Vietnam. My dream of meeting David in person finally came truth when he visited Malaysia for promotion in Asia. Thanks to Archuleta Avenue Malaysia, I got VIP pass and then the life-time experience. You can read my story of meeting David in KL by clicking the following link:


Also, this is my letter for David:


I hope that David will soon come back and have his concerts in Southeast Asia so I can fly there to meet him again. (I’m saving the money from now) lol

My Archu-treasure:

Open letter  to David from DAVN’s author, Huong-davidforever18 (yeah, another Huong from Hanoi):


Dear David, my only and forever idol,
The first thing which is always-on-my-mind is to say thank you.Thank you so much for everything you have done for us and for me.
Thank you for your appearance in my life.
You know, music seems to be a part of our life. Even someone can’t live without music. And I am one of them. I like music. I’m not so sure about what kind of music I actually like. I just listen to songs that attract me. If I say I have never admired anybody, it’s a lie, haha. In my life, I’ve admired a lot of people because of their talent, or their kindness.
But I have to confess that this is the first time I admired a person like this. My friends, and also my family, all surprised at the way I become one of your huge fan. Haha. My classmates often say that “You’re so crazy!” They may tease me, but i think it’s so true. Who can make me fall in love at the first sight? Whose music  can touch my heart?? Whose voice can steal my heart at the first time? Who can lead me to become a huge and loyal fan?? Who can make me cry when he cries? What subjects can I always talk about (and never feel bored of talking about)? Whose name can let me scream and jump up and down whenever it is called on TV or radio?….blah blah……
And all have the same answer. It’s you, David.^^

My friends told me: “Why can you tell many good things about a person who you have never met? Why are you sure that he is good or not?” I myself don’t know why sometimes. But being a fan of you make me always believe in it.Thanks to medias, newspapers, magazines, etc., my faith is growing stronger and stronger. You are a humble, kind, sweet, hilarious and maybe a sensitive guy .I like the way you treat your fans. It’s good all the way, haha. And I love your smile- a beautiful smile like the sunshine. It’s amazing!!!! You know, to someone your smile can brighten their day.!!
I am really happy for those who could meet you in person. It’s just a big dream for me (and I think it’s maybe impossible). So sad!!! But it’s ok!! I’ll be a good fan, keep supporting you and will not stop loving you. Everything I do, I do it for you.

Thanks to you, I have many friends from many places in the world. It’s so cool for me!

Thank you for all the things you have done.
Thank you, because you inspire me to do many things.
Thanks for your voice and your music which touch my heart and soul.
Thanks for your smile, because it always makes me feel happy when thinking about.
I love you because of who you are, so be yourself always!!! I will keep the faith!!!
Words fail me.

God bless you and your family!!!

P/S: One of the most pity of my life is that I missed the chance to watch all your performances on AI 7 because I was very busy with my exams. I really wanted to see you every week, wanted to enjoy all your songs, wanted to be nervous when the judges threw comments at you every week and in the final. I even didn’t know who David Archuleta was until after AI.
But One of the happiest thing I have found is you. Since I listened to “Crush”,  everything changed to me.

Although you will never know who I am, there is nothing can stop me from supportting and loving you!!!! A huge fan is me!!!! Yeah!!!

In Archu-love,  Huong

Letter from Dung, 3rd DAVN’s author, from HCMC:

Hi everyone,

I’m archieologist, usually known as boony on archievn forum, twitter, ect.. I’m 16 years old and I’m living in Ho Chi Minh city, which is very far from Ha Noi, from other DAVN authors. I first chatted with ss Huong (admin.) and ss Huong (davidforever18) on a live chat and then accidentally invited to be an author of DAVN. I must say that at that time I was very happy and honored because I really want to do something for David and Vietnamese AAs. I also felt very worried as my inexperience of moderating a website, but 2 ss Huongs helped me a lot^^.

I can’t remember when I began to love David Archuleta,  I think it was over a year ago when I heard him singing With You. I was totally amazed and fascinated by his voice! I watched his performances on American Idol season 7 millions time then I became an Arch Angel :D . I was obsessed by his voice, his smiles, his giggles, …  everything! No word can describe how much I love him.

Finally, I want to tell ss Huong, ss Huong (^^), Ms Joyi and Sandy (who gifted me the Fan Pack), Vietnamese AAs from archievn and all the AAs that you guys showed me what is real love for our idol, David Archuleta. I can’t say ” thank you” enough honestly.

xoholic0508- Hieu’s short and sweet introduction (from HCMC):

I became an author of David Archuleta Vietnam because of some reasons. First of all, I am a huge fan of David and I love his voice, his music and his character as well. Secondly, it is the best way to contribute my small part to further promoting the image of David to the music loving community in Vietnam. Last but not least, taking part in this fan-site is obviously a great way to make friends, catch the latest news of my idol while being able to share some of my thoughts as well.

Ray Potter – an author and a talented designer, from Hanoi:

(He hasn’t submit any intro to me so I’ve got nothing to post here, except some pics. of him IPB Image)

Linh (love4David) – a great Archies from HCMC:



38 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hello everybody! I’m fan’s David Archuleta. I very like your voice. You sings very well. And I would love to sing songs in the album of her. And I can sing some songs that your. And I hope someday you visit to Việt Nam and sing for us your song.

    • chào em,
      David Archuleta Vietnam (DAVN) chưa phải là 1 FC, mới chỉ là 1 fan site tập hợp các fan trung thành của David.

      Để tham gia viết bình luận trong các bài viết trên DAVN, em cần được admin (là chị ) approve. Comment đầu tiên của em hiện lên, tức là chị đã approve rồi đấy. Từ nay trở đi, mỗi khi muốn bày tỏ ý kiến gì, em hãy dùng tên, email như ban đầu em lập là được. Các comment của em sẽ tự động hiện lên, không cần chị approve nữa.

      Là 1 thành viên của DAVN, tức là em có quyền viết comment.
      Chỉ khi là 1 tác giả của DAVN, được chị mời, thì mới viết được bài.

      Để có avatar (chính xác là Gravatar) như các bạn ở đây, em vào: http://www.gravatar.com/
      để lập 1 account với hình ảnh mà em thích nhé.

  2. hey i´m lan anh i´m from germany lol but my parents are vietnamese and i´m so happy to see other vietnamese fans lol i´ve never thought there are some.. cus one time i saw a show when i was on vacation in Vietnam, it was “Vietnam Idol” and “Sao Mai” lol and i thought you all would fall for this show :)
    thank u all for this site, it´s a w e s o m e !
    i love it :) keep rockin !!


    • Yeah, there’re a lot of Arch Angels in Vietnam. Come here and we’ll show you. :)
      Thank you for visiting DAVN and for your complement.
      Keep coming back!

  3. Hey, I am a huge fan of Archie as well in the Philippines..I’m obsessed too!! You’ve got a great great taste in music by idolizing him

  4. i love David Archuleta so much. I wish 1 day i can meet him in VN or in America…. He is so cute that i can’t imagine how cute he is ^^By the way, thanks for sharing your demand website (demand David Archuleta to come to Viet Nam ) SEE YOU SOON DAVID

  5. Hi Huong,

    I’m a incredible crazy fan of Archie although i’ve not been a teenager 2 years ago. It’s so surprise when I find your website – a Vietnamese Archie fan site, i always want to run a forum or a fan site of David made in 100% Vietnam but i can’t, hic.
    I pay a quick visit to your website, at first, i though it is a forum (so happy that can’t see clearly) and i tried to register. hihi.
    i’m glad that i can share my admiration about David with you and the other crazy fans in Vietnam.


    Oh my God, Archie………………………

    Hi Trang,
    Nice to have you join the Archu-dreamland. :)
    So you’re crazy fan of David, right? How about seeing him in Singapore or Malaysia this year end? I met David in Kuala Lumpur and I need to meet him again. I’m a little not over him and his performance now. haha

    Pls leave your comments on my posts, not my page then because people don’t usually leave their comments here, on my pages.

  6. hi,D A hát rất hay tui rất thích giọng hát của cậu ý.khi nào chúng mình có thể nghe D A hát ở Việt Nam nhỉ….

    Chào bạn,
    Mình định đi Malaysia tháng 4 này để xem David biểu diễn đây. Bạn có kế hoạch gì không?
    Mình rất muốn có bạn đồng hành vì như thế sẽ vui hơn nhiều.

    • HI!Ban da di malaysia a?ban co the cho minh bit chi phi cu the (tu ve may bay,tien khach san,ve xem bieu dien,…)khong?minh cung rat muon di but khong bit co du tien khong.Vi co hoi David sang VN lan 2 la rat kho.Muon gap David chac minh phai wa cac nc Chau A.Cam on ban trc nha!

  7. yeah, U’ve seen just 2 of many of my blog for David. I tried yahoo plus, opera, blogger and now I stick with wordpress cos it’s the easiest blogsite for me so far.
    see ya,

  8. Hi sis,

    it’s me again. I leave my footprints everywhere I go, you see? :D

    Another website for our David? I can’t find any words to describe your burning passion toward this idol… Very attractive, very impressive, very hot – that’s what I feel when thinking of D.A (and you, too)

    Good luck with your work.

    I do pray for your dreams to come true.

    Love you,

    Thanh Huong

    —Thank you so much, my friend.


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