At a chocolate exhibition-Natural History Museum of Utah

David Visits Natural History Museum of Utah, Pictures From Various Events For Missionaries in C.A, Forced Family Fun, And More

The following are updates on what David has been doing recently that maybe you have not known ;) Have fun! 22 May, 2014: David had a great time with with his auntie Miriam, Abuelita and his cousin Krystal, at a chocolate exhibition at the Natural History Museum of Utah. 24 May, 2014: David posted a picture…

Kelli Sprunt and David Archuleta at Seventy3 Creative

A Music Project with Seventy3 Creative; Interview With Papi Wili; Walking Down Memory Lane

David Archuleta just met Seventy3 Creative, a company which consults musicians and bands careers as well as promote, manage, market and produce events. In the About category of Seventy3 Creative, it’s said: “This current project, combining the experience and passion of Sam Schultz and Jacob Jones, under the business named Seventy 3 Creative, has already…

David Archuleta Called to Served

David Archuleta: Called to Serve (replay)

SALT LAKE CITY — They were the words that broke the hearts of thousands of young girls around the world. “I would like to make a special announcement: that I’ve chosen to serve a full-time mission.” Immediately, the sold-out crowd in Salt Lake City erupted into cheers as pop singer David Archuleta spoke those words…

Called to Serve documentary (1)

KSL radio interview; David Archuleta’s homecoming; “Called to Serve” documentary

“I needed to do something that’s not about me. I needed to do something that’s nothing about me“ Picture credits JR4D and TDC. KSL Extra has the exclusive interview with David Archuleta on Friday morning: Click here for the original mp3 of the interview (listen at around 45:35 mark). David Archuleta’s grandfather from his mom’s…

David Archuleta's homecoming.3-30-2014 (1)

Elder Archuleta’s Homecoming

  Elder Archuleta has his homecoming on Sunday, 30 March, 2014. He got to sing and received a missionary plaque. Singing “If The Savior Stood Beside Me” in English and Spanish:   Receiving his missionary plaque: Pictures and videos credit @pattycake24, and @pabuckie. Click HERE for more larger pictures!