Called to Serve documentary (1)

KSL radio interview; David Archuleta’s homecoming; “Called to Serve” documentary

“I needed to do something that’s not about me. I needed to do something that’s nothing about me“ Picture credits JR4D and TDC. KSL Extra has the exclusive interview with David Archuleta on Friday morning: Click here for the original mp3 of the interview (listen at around 45:35 mark). David Archuleta’s grandfather from his mom’s…

Flashback: Pic From 19 Nov. 2010

“Manila to Ft Wayne, IN. Missing connecting flights & all our luggage David still made it on air with WAJI. (KS)” It was the day before the concert, when David sang at the outdoor mall. And “this is how David arrived to the stage at the Ft Wayne show. #2010memories (KS)”:

David’s interview with 107.9 Lite FM

Morning interview in Boise, Idaho: David talked about “MKOC” Tour. The East coast shows lifted his spirit. Lisa Adams comments “You have that old soul feeling” . “Once you get out there on stage and let out everything, unleashing the hard work it feels so good”, said David. Scheduling recordings in Jan and mid Feb.…