Kelli Sprunt and David Archuleta at Seventy3 Creative

A Music Project with Seventy3 Creative; Interview With Papi Wili; Walking Down Memory Lane

David Archuleta just met Seventy3 Creative, a company which consults musicians and bands careers as well as promote, manage, market and produce events. In the About category of Seventy3 Creative, it’s said: “This current project, combining the experience and passion of Sam Schultz and Jacob Jones, under the business named Seventy 3 Creative, has already…

Called to Serve documentary (1)

KSL radio interview; David Archuleta’s homecoming; “Called to Serve” documentary

“I needed to do something that’s not about me. I needed to do something that’s nothing about me“ Picture credits JR4D and TDC. KSL Extra has the exclusive interview with David Archuleta on Friday morning: Click here for the original mp3 of the interview (listen at around 45:35 mark). David Archuleta’s grandfather from his mom’s…

Photoshoot March 2012

Never-Posted Picture of David Archuleta

Kari tweets from@DavidArchie’s Twitter: I think it’s time for a #tbt picture! Here is a never posted pic from back in March 2012. Have a good day! (KS) I’m wondering if it’s from the photoshoot for BEGIN. album at Murray Park, 22 March, 2012 (?)