David Archuleta photoshoot (4)

New Website And New Super Large Photos

David’s official website has a new look, simple and neat. Run off and check it out here! I can’t wait to hear previews of his new album which will be released on iTunes SOON I guess! Yes, please!! WARNINGS about super large photos from the photoshoot for the new album! Drop dead haha Source: DA.com

"monkey'ing out."_k80moore

Photoshoot In Nashville

We’ve got sneak peek pictures from the photoshoot in Nashville today, taken and shared by k80moore and BLYTHE THOMAS on Instagram: So does it mean the CD is done? New album is coming out before David starts his first solo concert? DREAM DREAM DREAM… David also shared a behind-the-scenes photo from the photoshoot on his Twitter…

David And The Cat Natsu 12-25-2014

David And The Cat Natsu

Both of them love snow, and are dreaming of a White Christmas :) Via David’s instagram and twitter: After almost an entire December without snow, we woke up this morning seeing white on the ground. Someone decided to join me to take a look around outside. Nice to be back to a white Christmas after…