Nandito Ako – Episode 3

Ep. 3 with English subtitles: Part 1, Part 2. or watch it HERE. Rewatch and download episode 3 (.avi file) HERE. pdf file of Episode 3 (2/22/12): Translation Episode 3 and this was only the 4th day of shooting Nandito Ako! (via Kari) Trailer: ***** BTS- Jasmine and Myk, the photographer for Nandtio Ako.

Nandito Ako photoshoot

Nandito Ako will tell the story of young love, its joys and pains, among Josh (David Archuleta), Holly (Eula Caballero) and Anya (Jasmine Curtis Smith). Josh is an international singer who holds his final leg of concerts in the Philippines. This venture is also a quest to find his real identity, a thing that has…