Rainbow 2.0 Sneak Peek

From David’s official youtube: We all need “a little’ Rainbow right now. Here is a preview of the Rainbow Music Video that will be available on the upcoming Expanded Edition of Forevermore out SOON in the Philippines and available for import to most areas. Thanks to @kariontour for sending us a Rainbow!!! * * *…

Rainbow Cake

This is the cake Northern California Archies prepared to welcome back Lorma from the Philippines at the meet-up last evening. It’s so beautiful, and looks yummy as well. haha A lot of surprises Lorma brought from the Philippines for NorCal Archies: Thanks, Ms. Robin Tuyen. Click HERE for some more pix from the meet-up.

Rainbow WWTT

Calling all Archies out there, please help spread David’s Rainbow MV around the world by adding the following phrase: DavidArchieRainbowComingInTheSky to every of your tweets at 7pm Utah Time 5 October, or 8 am Hanoi Time 6 October. Rainbow WWTT fanart credit: C. Cabrera of Argentina